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works by dominique petrin.

This is a bruise. I made Saturn out of it.

i feel like us single people all get down on ourselves from time to time because we feel like we’ll never find the one and it kinda sucks. we watch other couples with jealousy and always question “could this be the one” with each time we grow close with a different person (then being disappointed when it doesnt work out). we’re so eager to find that one person. and honestly im kind of impatient about it. i want to meet that person already so i dont have to sift through the guys that dont matter. i wanna be able to share everything with someone and wrap myself into them mentally and physically, and have them do the same, without the fear of losing them or being betrayed. i work myself up for no reason though. im only 20. why am i so concerned

loneliness gets the best of all of us i guess


<3 cute <3


i want to be in your passenger’s seat late at night every night


ben frost